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Jose Hauxwell

August 23, 2018

Isaiah’s upbeat personality is refreshing and his persistence is unmatched. He always puts the customer first. Isaiah answers questions immediately and communicates very well which is critical in the HVAC industry. We look forward to continue to grow with Isaiah and Nuhvac.

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Kenny McMullen

March 10, 2018

Isaiah has been my best vendor rep since I moved to San Antonio a little over four years ago. He answers his phone almost every time I call, but ALWAYS calls back if he is unavailable. I never have to remind him of what he is working on for me. Instead he sends updates of

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Laurelyn Arriaga

March 7, 2018

I have a lot of experience working with different vendors and vendor representatives. Working with NU-HVAC has been seamless. Part of what is important to doing business is keeping it simple. Isaiah has done that for the Goodman Houston team. Whether it is as simple as communicating quickly and effectively, being customer centric, taking the

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Travis Roach

March 5, 2018

Isaiah Nunez is one of the hardest working sales reps that I have worked with. There are very few times that he doesn’t answer his phone, and if he doesn’t he is calling me back very quickly. He knows his products and how they fit into the market. He keeps me competitive against the competition.

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