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Shook Manufactured Products, Inc., was formed over 50 years ago and perfected the hex magnetic chuck, used today to run self-piercing and drill-point screws.

Shook’s excellent reputation for quality products, quick delivery, and high fill ratios is an integral part of the company today. Shook is recognized within the industry as the “QUICK DELIVERY COMPANY”.

Our line of hex magnetic chucks includes the Original “JIFFY” Chuck, a precision-manufactured steel product, and the “Jiffy” Grip, a lobular-designed chuck with a unique, sure gripping design, to work with impact and other drills. Additionally, Shook maintains a large inventory of the “JIFFY” Point self-piercing and Driltip sheet metal screws.

Our premier series is the “JIFFY” Point self-piercing sheet metal screw. This product was completely retooled in 2014 to include a superior sharp point, increased torque capabilities, and improved plating; thereby providing a superior product and superior performance. Shook also has a complete line of drill-tip screws available in 28 different sizes.

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