NAVAC is a global manufacturer that has dedicated over 20 years to the R&D and manufacturing of industrial vacuum solutions and HVAC/R tools.

NAVAC draws upon its commitment to technical innovation, strong customer service and robust R&D allocation to deliver solutions offering unsurpassed efficiency, accuracy and ease of use.

Comprising a full lineup of tools, gauges, detectors, charger and vacuum pumps, among other solutions, NAVAC’s product portfolio is designed with one overarching concept in mind: user-friendliness. The company seeks to meet a need for simpler, lighter, faster solutions that expedite service without sacrificing accuracy.

Delivering unsurpassed customer value at every opportunity defines the mission of NAVAC. We make it possible for HVAC technicians to complete jobs with more accuracy, ease, and efficiency.

Keeping that mission in mind, we proudly launch NAVAC brand HVAC service tools. With industry leading technology, we have developed the world’s first smart refrigerant charging machine (NRC62D), the industry’s first smart vacuum pump (NRP6Di, NRP8Di), North America market’s first cordless flaring tool (NEF6Li), battery-driven vacuum pump (NP2DLM) and the top-notch Brushless DC digital recovery unit (NRDD).

The revolutionary design of these products provide HAVC technicians a better work experience. NAVAC offers precision products: wireless refrigerant scales, HVAC tools, portable instruments, and impact-resistant manifold gauges.

Starting with end users’ requirements in mind, we integrate state-of-the-art technology and quality manufacturing to deliver a superior experience and a more relaxed, time-saving, enjoyable work environment.
The launch of the NAVAC brand marks the beginning of the smart era for HVAC tools.

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